The Home Stretch – Go to the Polls

It is the home stretch of the 2016 Presidential race.  Ladies and Gentlemen, there are only twenty-nine days left until Election Day in the United States.  Lord, help us.  These two candidates need Jesus in the worst way.  Let me just say this, the handwriting is on the wall.  If it was not clear before today that one candidate is desperate and will do anything to win, then I do not know what is.  Mr. Trump is becoming a social media piranha.  He is taking no prisoners as he pulls out all the stops to prove that Mrs. Clinton is bad for business.  Bad for the country if you will, how is he better?  He is selling snake oil.  Have you ever read his book, The Art of the Deal?  There are quite a few shady things he exposes about himself in this book.  This should be reason enough to not put him in the driver’s seat as leader of the Free World.  Mr. Trump’s latest stunt is scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

In case you have not heard, Mr. Trump has presented at a press conference, four alleged victims of sexual assault launched towards former President Bill Clinton.  Mr. Trump sat on the panel as if he were channeling Gloria Allred famed victim attorney.  This is not a chance for the women to tell their story.  This is another reality television opportunity for Donald J. Trump to act like a hero.  Conveniently, this all happens within hours of the second Presidential debate.  I have never been so entertained in all my years.  This exhibition of distasteful behavior from someone who is supposed to be prominent in our society leaves me speechless.  The pundits had a field day with this fodder provided by Mr. Trump.  The hits will just keep on coming as we race towards Election Day.

I have to admit that I am new to watching the political debates but with Donald J. Trump on a ticket, I feel compelled to tune in.  Once again, he makes a historical gesture that has never been seen in this country.  He states that as soon as he wins the election, he will have the attorney general appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton.  Donald J. Trump is about tit for tat.  If you strike against him then he has to answer back with an even bigger strike.  Hillary did not leak any recordings of his chauvinistic sexist behavior, yet she gets the blame for it.  Our political arena must look like a joke to leaders outside of the United States.  Sure, it demonstrates the freedoms that we as Americans enjoy, where we can express our opinions whether they have merit or not.  On the other side of that coin, we take on the appearance of not having our act together.  This gives me pause.

Please make it a point to get out and vote this election cycle.  Yes, I understand that the choices are poor in comparison to elections past.  We need everyone to band together.  It is not about today or tomorrow.  It is about what legislation is put into place that can affect our children and grandchildren years from now.  We need to be concerned about it.  If you are still undecided with less than thirty days to go, I understand. We do not have the best options this go round.  You will have to choose from what we have.  Sometimes the devil that you know is better than the devil that you don’t know.

Election Day is November 8th.  Make it count.