And the Winner is Donald J. Trump

45America has just voted.  We have a new leader of the free world and his name is Donald J. Trump.  President-elect Trump has led a colorful life in terms of his business dealings and personal relationships.  He is a very successful businessman.  He has no political prowess whatsoever.  Mr. Trump is off-the-cuff with his views of government.  I believe this is what appealed to so many voters this election cycle.  He has a very hefty agenda.  Many Americans are embracing his views of how to further the growth of the American economy.  Of course, there are several social issues that require attention but at the forefront of Mr. Trump’s journey is job creation and immigration reform.

Ideally, Americans would fall in line to subscribe to whatever the course that our new commander-in-chief would have laid out.  The problem is most of what Mr. Trump has planned is detrimental to so many who call America home.  As a result, people have taken to the streets in protest over the choice that we as a nation have made.  We cannot change the rules of engagement because we do not like the outcome.

President-elect Trump’s plan for his first hundred days in the oval office is very aggressive to say the less.  You can find it on his website under his position tab.  Click here to read it.  It is quite extensive.  I do not think it is attainable.  Mr. Trump would lead us to believe that it will be easy to achieve all that he has promised but the reality of how big a job this is will set in quickly.

These protests are fruitless in the sense that nothing will change what we as a people have done.  Let’s get on with the business of living our lives and save the discourse for when there is an actionable item before us.  I understand that everyone needs an outlet to voice what they believe to be unfair but this is not the way.  An elected official who wants to change policy does not mean that it will happen.  The checks and  balances for each branch of the United States government do not give our newly elected president free reign.  However, he has earned the chance to fumble through it and who knows, we might be pleasantly surprised.