Free Webinars Create Awareness for Your Business

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If you have a product or service that you want to create awareness about, a webinar is a way to be seen.  There are many people who have valuable information to communicate, ingenious items that you might be looking to purchase.  How do you create awareness without breaking the bank?  The answer is to create an infomercial via a FREE webinar.  All you want to do is get the word out and allow the public to decide if they are interested in what you have to offer.

There are many ways to create a webinar free of charge.  Here are the three top ways to create and broadcast a webinar.  You can create your webinar via Google Hangouts, Periscope or Facebook Live.  Each option has its benefits and challenges.  You need to do your research to figure out which one is the best platform to reach your objective.  Each avenue gives you a chance at a wide audience.

Allow me to share the differences between the options:

Google Hangouts can be view via desktop or mobile so nothing will inhibit your participant and it can be streamed live on YouTube.  Thus the audience has more than one way to access the information in real time.  The finished presentation will live on your YouTube channel.

Periscope is a mobile live stream application and gives you an instant global presence.  Using this application will limit your audience.  The audience is allowed to share the broadcast immediately link. This service limits the number of people who can view.  You will have to have someone moderate because you will not be able to present and engage the audience simultaneously.  However, you will gain immediate followers and possible clients within hours or days.  Remember, your replay time is short-lived in this application.

Facebook Live is desktop or mobile where there can be an unlimited amount of participants involved.  Again, viewers can immediately share your broadcast.  You will need a moderator because you will not be able to keep track of questions while you are presenting the material.  If you pre-schedule a live broadcast, Facebook gives you up to four hours to complete it, and it will live on your timeline.

Recently, I created my second webinar, and I chose the Facebook Live method.  The webinar title is The Road to Authorship.  It is designed to give an overview of the process necessary to write, publish, and promote a book.  It is based on my e-book How to Write, Publish and Promote an E-book . I tried to make it as professional as possible to include slides, participant registration, include how to combat challenges that audience participants want advice on and offer coaching services.  The level of interest was good. I originally scheduled three sessions in one day.  Only two sessions took places.  Technical difficulties with entry to the live feed hampered the effort, but the show must go on.  I was nervous, but I continue to receive positive feedback for the effort as well as the content.

As a result, I have had people inquire about coaching services as well as ask advice on different aspects about authorship. This webinar has helped to create further awareness about my published works and my ability to train others.  The free webinar is the way to go to generate interest and increase your reach for your products and services.  Don’t miss out on this low budget opportunity to grow.