Expected Chaos – The Trump Presidency

President Trump has been in office one-hundred-thirty-five days.  The world is chaotic, things in America are more divided now than they were a year ago?  I understand that unemployment is down. Is that because more people are working or have more decided that starting an entrepreneurial venture is the way to go?  And then there are those who have just given up hope as well as some who are just part-timing their way through life as they know it now.  Contrary to what we are led to believe, many companies are still laying off people in droves. However, the media seems to be obsessed with the comedic antics of the President of the United States that they are failing to report on those measures.

What in the short term has the President of the United States accomplished? From what I can see, he is mucking up a lot of programs, assurances, and safeguards that have been put in place by the past administration.  Is his whole Presidency about undoing everything that the last administration put in place? When are we going to see progress? It just seems that he is creating a bigger mess than what existed prior. Now, I am no politician so legislative details escape me. Can someone explain in layman’s terms where is America benefitting in the here in now?  I can give a damn about five to ten years from now, because I have to live today.  Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. And at the rate of how the current administration is steering this barge, we can hit an iceberg at any given time to translate into another recession, terrorist attack or war.

Healthcare is still in limbo, the new Supreme Court Justice is confirmed, North Korea taunts us and now Global warming measures are taken off the table.  Many bills are still undecided and out of the long list of first hundred days accomplishments, our President only managed to achieve one.  However, his amnesia continues to flourish as he cannot stick to any tales that he tells. Every week a new cabinet member who wields any sort of power seems to carry a stench of deceit. After all is said in done, President Trump will continue to ride the wave until a swirling storm causes a shipwreck. The issue is that we will all have to suffer the consequences if he does not get better at his job. We all saw how he ran his campaign, the chaos should have been expected. #WhiteHouseChaos